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Well, here I am.........

Oh, wait. I'm not Jubal Early and this is not the Black of Space you are floating in. You are at the Firefly main page of the web site though. From here you can navigate to all the fancible items available that have some sort of association with the BEST TV show ever to air - Firefly. Stuff like Jaynestown, Mudders Milk, the Independents Flag and of course a Browncoat item or two. So grab a Mudders Milk and start clickin'.


There are links and logos at the top of the pages to take you where ya want to go. Be sure to check out the various specialty pages, The Big Damn Sale Page, Closeout & Goof's page and Package Deals to see if there are any deals or money savin' to be had. I'll try to mark individual items with a link or reference if they are also located on one of the specialty pages but it's best for your own self to be checkin' just in case I missed something.

News and Updates:

HEY! I'm FREEZIN' in here! It's that time of year again when I start really complainin' 'bout being cold. So, I'm doing up some special Pre-Order only Hoodies and Sweatshirts for the Blue Sun, TG Freight and Jaynestown designs. Check the Big DAMN Sale Page for details. These will be printed on 12oz Heavywight fleece (similar weight to Dickies� or Carhardt�) so you know they're gonna be warm!

• I have decided to go back to my original design on the Mudders Milk t-shirt. For those of you who never had the chance to see it, I will be posting pics of the original design this weekend and should be ready to ship mid February '08. Pre-Ordering will open soon. There will be some "tweaking" of the artwork but a major portion of the design will remain the same.

• The Jaynestown and Original Browncoat designs are back in stock! Print quantity was small this time so inventory is limited.

Just a note: The Blue Sun and TG Freight designs were scheduled to be retired soon. Due to our recent move and the loss of a ton of shirts I've decided to go ahead and do a few small run reprints. As the demand slows down I'll stop the reprints and stock will be limited to inventory on hand. Once those are gone..... they go into the Black. Lets hope that the Great Alliance will take the torch and run with them. I will have stock available for all returns and exchanges that may be needed. I'm going to really miss the TG design, it is my favorite.

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